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Future Now Tour, San Diego

The biggest concert venue in San Diego, sold out.

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Demi hit the stage at around 9, performing after her opening act, Nick Jonas. She rose from the ground and continued to rise until she was 15 feet above the stage. Background music to her Double-Platinum Hit "Confident" began, and sparks came from the way above. A grand entrance for a Grammy nominated artist.

She soared into her Multi-Platinum Hit "Heart Attack" in which the sold out crowd of 25K+ sang every word to. Every note, clearly sung live because she went above and beyond what the studio recording sounded like, as she usually does.

She then engaged in conversation with the audience and began to discuss that the upcoming song was meant to help people realize that they had something worth living for. The song that has been shown in many statistics to have decreased suicide rates by 30% in 2012. Flashlights rose, and the audience stood in silence as she performed "Skyscraper"

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