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This Adorable Couple Has Worn Matching Outfits For 35 Years

Lovers who dress together, stay together.

Meet Nancy and Donald Featherstone.

They've been together for over 35 years.

And they have the matching wardrobe to prove it.

At first, they just wore matching outfits on weekends.

But, as Nancy got better at sewing, they started to dress alike almost everyday.

If they need a new outfit, they go to the fabric store together and pick out something they both like.

They have filled several closets with their twin outfits.

They take turns picking out what to wear.

They say they both have very strong personal identities, so they don't feel insecure about matching.

Donald is the creator of plastic lawn flamingos.

So, the couple's favorite fabric is flamingo print. Over 40 of their matching ensembles incorporate flamingos.

Let's wish them another 35 years of matching outfit bliss!

H/t to The Guardian. Read more about Nancy and Donald here.