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    These 3D Bags Will Put Your Backpack To Shame

    And make you question your approach to carrying things.

    Handmade by the team behind Etsy shop Krukrustudio, these bags come in a mind-blowing assortment of varieties, like...

    A Steinway Piano

    Far surpasses your boring old laptop bag.

    A Jar of Apricot Jam

    A Jar of Raspberry Jam

    Oh, what's that? You don't like raspberry OR apricot jam? That's cool because you can get a bag shaped like a jar of BLUEBERRY JAM.

    It's too bad they haven't made a Nutella variety yet.

    The Instagram Icon

    A Violin

    A Dalek


    A Banana

    "Is that a banana on your back or are you just excited to see me?"

    A Copy of A Streetcar Named Desire

    The seller is able to model the bag after any book of your choice.

    A Watering Can

    A Boxing Glove

    A Rubix Cube

    A Carrot

    A Can of Gasoline

    This one says "I am definitely not an arsonist."

    All of these bags, plus many more, available here.

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