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    24 Reasons Why Lorelai Gilmore Is The Coolest Mom Ever


    1. Her taste in music is superior.

    2. She's got a great sense of style.

    3. She knows the importance of a proper diet.

    4. She only keeps the fridge stocked with the important food groups.

    5. She only cooks the best meals.

    6. She can predict the future.

    7. She's honest.

    8. She's trusts your judgment when it comes to boys.

    9. She knows how to multitask.

    10. She's down to party.

    11. She knows what it's like to be a teen.

    12. Or a toddler.

    13. She just really gets kids.

    14. She knows just the right thing to say to make you feel important.

    15. Her priorities are in order.

    16. She knows the true meaning of love.

    17. She knows how to make an entrance.

    18. She sticks up for what she believes in.

    19. She can teach you about proper punctuation.

    20. She's an expert at managing money.

    21. She supports you through your angsty phase.

    22. She throws the best birthday parties ever.

    23. She thinks rationally.

    24. You can always count on her.

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