18 Miniature Craft Projects That Will Melt Your Heart

These crafts are giant…TO ELFIN CREATURES.

1. Mini Marquee Sign

Makes me want to open a toddler sized movie theater.
Instructions here.

2. Miniature Mounted Menagerie

“So there I was, hunting for animals on aisle 12 of Toys R Us…”

Instructions here.

3. Tiny Glitter Magnets

Directions here.

4. Little House-Shaped Coaster Set

“Let’s make this coaster house a home.”- Glass

Tutorial here.

5. Little Bud Vases

The perfect way to show off your new bud-dies!

Made from old nail polish and sample perfume bottles. Instructions here.

6. Minute Macrame Planters

From Microcrafts.

7. Baby-sized bow.

All you need to go with it are…

8. Miniature Matchstick Arrows


Learn how to make them here.

9. Micro Taxidermy

Instructions available in the book Microcrafts.

10. Pocket-sized Geometric Plant Plot

Definitely the trendiest plant on the windowsill.

Directions here.

11. Little Reads

The perfect sized book for infant hands…START THEM YOUNG.
From Microcrafts.

12. Itsy-Bitsy Easel

Makes everything you jot down on Post-Its seem really important.

Learn how to make it here.

13. Baby-sized Bunting

Also doubles as decoration for an ant party.

Instructions here.

14. Petite Treat Stands

Is that a mini cupcake or a CAKE MOUNTAIN OF EVERY FLY’S DREAMS?

Learn how to make these here.

15. Teensy Pastry-shaped Erasers

“I’ve made a huge mistake…jk it’s pretty small. Pass me that little donut.”

These are made from clay that turns into an eraser as it dries, pretty sweet! Instructions here.

16. Pee-Wee Pom Poms

At last, a use for forks.

More in-depth nstructions here.

17. Wee Weaving

The perfect tool to make a welcome mat for mice.

Create a tiny loom from a small piece of cardboard. Instructions here.

18. Tiny Paper Bags

Where else were you planning to store these crafts???

Directions here.

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