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How To Give Your Kid The Best First Day Of School Ever

Going back to school doesn't have to mean going BACK TO CRUEL.

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Play your child's favorite song to lure them out of bed and then let a miniature dance party ensue.

Whether your kid has been counting down the days until they return to school or totally dreading it, there's no doubt that listening to their favorite song will give them some incentive to wake up.

Bonus: Here are some helpful tips on readjusting your child's sleep schedule before school starts.


Or, if you don't feel like getting up early to cook, have a mini smoothie prepping party with your kids the night before.

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Let them pick out a few ingredients, pack them in plastic bags, place in the freezer, and blend the following morning.

Here are eight easy three-ingredient smoothie recipes.

Sneak a small gift into your kid's backpack.

Nothing too extravagant or distracting. Like, maybe these Colored Smencils?

"Colored Smencils are made from recycled newspapers and are infused with natural scents that waft up gently as you use them."

Available here.

Since you've already got the chalk out, you might as well draw a hopscotch path leading out from the front door to the car.


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