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    12 Depressing (But Useful) DIY Baby Projects

    Congratulations on your new baby. I guess that's it for hanging out!

    1. Turn your old body-con skirt into a pair of baby leggings.

    You won't need it anyways. You don't have any time to hit the club.

    2. Make a baby gown out of an old band t-shirt.

    You look really pathetic in your old Letters to Cleo shirt, but it looks ADORABLE on your baby!

    3. Or, better yet, transform one into a baby romper.

    4. Or take a sleeve and turn it into a precious little hat!

    5. Oh yeah you can make cute headbands out of them, too.

    I bet you're soooo glad you sowed all of your wild oats at those music festivals of your youth because now your baby has an entire wardrobe to show for it.

    6. Turn your old CDs into these handy baby closet dividers.

    Don't complain about destroying your CD collection. We all know you've sold out with your Spotify Premium subscription.

    Follow this tutorial.

    7. Craft some adorable baby leg warmers out of your favorite novelty socks.

    Maybe with all of the money you've saved on your kid's accessories, you can go buy some GROWNUP SOCKS.

    8. Use your bottle cap collection to make this monogram wall hanging.

    You can reminisce about all of the bottles of Miller Light you drank in college each time you enter your baby's nursery.

    9. Or use them as a birth announcement.

    What better way to let everyone know you won't be drinking for the next 9 months?

    10. Turn your iPhone into a baby monitor.

    Hahahahah. You thought you'd just be using that thing to take filtered pictures of your brunch forever, didn't you?

    11. Repurpose a crib and turn it into work bench. / Via

    The best part is that this can be turned right back into a crib, if you want to do the baby thing over again.

    12. Turn your changing table into a bar cart.


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