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28 Decorating Tricks To Brighten Up Your Rented Home

So, you want to fix up that gross apartment or dorm you're subletting this summer, but don't want to lose your deposit? Here are some easy ways to brighten up your space without permanent damage.

1. Cover a wall in these super easy tape diamonds.


2. Use scrapbooking paper to make a bird-shaped decal.

Follow this tutorial, but hang with painter's tape instead of Mod Podge.

3. Affix fake flowers to the wall.

4. Or, go one step further, and hang homemade paper flowers.

5. Turn your photos into faux polaroids and hang them on a small clothesline.

You're only a few steps away from your very own selfie shrine.

6. Transform your Instas into art.

Use this method to make your latte pics last forever (or, at least, until you move out).

7. Tape paper streamers along the length of a wall.

8. Create fake picture frames out of washi tape.

9. Make a stand alone sign.

After all, home is where the upcycled styrofoam sign is.

10. Layer different colored doilies on a wall.

Use painters tape and start taping doilies from the bottom of the wall, to achieve a wallpaper-like effect.

11. Place overized word art against a wall.

12. Hang an office supply organizer than doubles as art.

Sew by following this tutorial and hang with temporary hooks. When moving out, just roll the organizer up with the supplies inside, for easy transportation.

13. Create an oversized confetti mural.

Simply take colored pieces of paper, cut them into circles, and stick them to the wall using painters tape or poster tack.

14. Make scalloped borders for your shelves.

All you need are Post-Its and tape to feel like you live in Hello Kitty's house.

15. Use velcro strips to hang framed photos.

16. Use paper to create geometric patchwork art.

You can even make it closer to your bed, so it doubles as a temporary headboard.

17. Or make it heart-shaped.

18. Collage paper circles into a happy piece of art.

19. Hang a colorful garland around your door.

Maybe a floral version, like this one.

20. Transform an old shutter door into an organizer.

No need to nail anything into the wall and you can customize it to use in all sorts of rooms.

21. Turn paint chips into a beautiful wall installation. / Via

The next best thing to actually painting your walls.

22. Make your own giant photo mural.

23. Craft your own marquee letter.

You may live in a terrible apartment, but that doesn't mean you can't live like a star!

24. Sew some big, colorful floor cushions.

25. Create temporary wallpaper using fabric and starch.

You can do this on nearly any flat surface. The fabric should easily peel off when it's time for you move out.

26. Or just give off a wallpaper effect, with this geometric wall hanging.

27. Use large sheets of scrapbook paper as a temporary headboard.

28. Cluster a bunch of paper flowers together.

One package of tissue paper should yield one gigantic flower.

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