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38 Anthropologie Hacks

Ever walk around Anthropologie and think "I could make this stuff myself for so much cheaper"? Here's how you can!

Home Decor

1. Build this bookcase.

Filled with vintage 1st edition books, the Anthro versions costs $1400. With a few simple supplies from the hardware store, you can easily make a case to house your own books, for waaay less.

Instructions here.

2. Make some rope coil planters.

They could also double as pen or utensil storage containers.

Directions here.

3. Build a sculptural paper orb chandelier.

You can make your own chandelier that's almost as beautiful as the original, using a plain paper lantern and some cupcake liners.

Instructions here.

4. Craft some floral vases.

To make the first copycat you'll need a cheap vase, paint, and some self-drying modeling clay.

The flowers for the other version are made from polymer clay and spray glaze.

5. Transform old glasses into confetti patterned tumblers.

All you need is glass-safe acrylic paint and some dedication. Instructions here.

The second version uses paint pens, which make for tinier dots and easier cleanup.

6. Sew some ruffled curtains.

For under $20, you can make your own using basic cotton sheets.

Directions here.

7. Paint your own monagram mugs.

Admittedly, this tutorial requires lots of supplies, but would work great if you want to transform a bunch of old, plain mugs into gifts.

8. Sew a duvet cover.

The "Cirrus" duvet makes it seem like you're sleeping on a cloud, but it certainly doesn't come with a heavenly price tag.

This tutorial shows you how to transform a few basic flat sheets into a similar looking cover.

9. Sew a quilted bedspread.

The original Rosette quilt is made of comfy cotton jersey. Make a similar blanket from some basic jersey sheets. Sewing instructions here.

You can even add pillows to match. Directions here.

10. Turn old jars into chalkboard spice jars.

Instructions here.

11. Create a pendant light fixture.

This version, made from a metal storage bin, will cost you way less.

12. Sew a ruffled shower curtain.

Make an equally delightful shower curtain for much less, following these directions.

The same technique could be applied to create regular window curtains.

13. Build a tea cup lamp.

You can make your own for under $50, using secondhand dishes and some supplies from the hardware store.

Instructions here.

14. Create a collaged fabric throw pillow.

You can make a similar pillow using scrap fabric.

Directions here.

15. Make candlesticks out of a variety of trinkets.

The original candlesticks are made from pre-existing antique knick knacks. Go straight to the source and make your own candlesticks out of thrifted items. This whole set cost about $15 to create.

Tutorial here.

16. Create a lace embossed dish.

Perfect for displaying jewelry on a dresser.

Instructions here.

17. Transform an old dresser.

With about $30 and some tools, you can make an authentically rustic dresser.

Instructions here.

Clothing & Shoes

18. Make a half-lace, half-shirt top.

Make this version by easily sewing together an old striped shirt with a lace top.

19. Embellish a dress with lace trim.

Add lace to a simple dress to achieve a similar look.

Directions here.

20. Add ruffles to a top.

This tutorial shows you how to make a similar shirt for no more than $5.

21. Paint polka dots onto a pair of jeans.

Use fabric paint to add polka dots to an old pair of jeans. To get as close to the Anthro look as possible, paint a pair with a super dark wash.

Instructions here.

22. Add lace to a striped tee.

Simply sew some lace to the shoulders of a striped shirt.

Instructions here.

23. Glitter a pair of flats.

Following this tutorial you can transform a pair of loafers, or really any kind of shoe, into glitter loafers.


24. Craft your own hair ties.

For $12, you can buy what is basically 5 pieces of elastic. That's $2.40 per hair tie. You might as well TIE YOU HAIR WITH DOLLAR BILLS.

You can make your own, by following the easiest instructions ever. For $12 worth of elastic, you can make over 80 hair ties.

25. Knit a braided head wrap.

Instructions and pattern here.

26. Knit a fox stole.

27. Craft some woven rope bracelets.

With a few cheap supplies from a craft store, you can whip up a set of your own. Instructions here.

28. Embellish bobbipins with cloth flowers

You can easily make the rosettes for these hairpins out of scrap fabric and buttons.

Instructions here.

29. Sew a ruffled apron.

Instructions here.

30. Make a tassel and rope necklace.

31. Craft a thread-wrapped word necklace.

Instructions here.

32. Create a hybrid scarf-necklace.

The original necklace is made from a variety of silk scarves, so you can easily make a similar version using thrifted ones.

Directions here.

33. Make a woven ribbon statement necklace.

If you don't have $278 to drop on a statement necklace, you can make your own by weaving some grosgrain ribbon. It's like the adult version of an old-school plastic gimp keychain.

Directions here.

34. Craft a pair of beaded chandelier earrings.

You can make a nearly identically pair with just a few cheap supplies from the jewelry making section of a craft store.

Stationary & Gifts

35. Make you own tagged journal.

36. Craft a set of pom-pom thumbtacks.

This is a great way to use up small remnants of yarn. Bonus: you can make matching pom-pom magnets.

Directions here.

37. Wrap a gift in pom-pom covered gift wrap.

This tutorial uses hand felted pom-poms, but you could also phone it in and use the pre-made kind.

38. Decorate a cake with a miniature tassel garland.

For $26, you could buy a whole other cake to decorate.

Make your own banner using stuff you probably already own. Instructions here.

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