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38 Anthropologie Hacks

Ever walk around Anthropologie and think "I could make this stuff myself for so much cheaper"? Here's how you can!

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1. Build this bookcase.

Filled with vintage 1st edition books, the Anthro versions costs $1400. With a few simple supplies from the hardware store, you can easily make a case to house your own books, for waaay less.

Instructions here.


8. Sew a duvet cover.

The "Cirrus" duvet makes it seem like you're sleeping on a cloud, but it certainly doesn't come with a heavenly price tag.

This tutorial shows you how to transform a few basic flat sheets into a similar looking cover.


15. Make candlesticks out of a variety of trinkets.

The original candlesticks are made from pre-existing antique knick knacks. Go straight to the source and make your own candlesticks out of thrifted items. This whole set cost about $15 to create.

Tutorial here.


21. Paint polka dots onto a pair of jeans.

Use fabric paint to add polka dots to an old pair of jeans. To get as close to the Anthro look as possible, paint a pair with a super dark wash.

Instructions here.

24. Craft your own hair ties.

For $12, you can buy what is basically 5 pieces of elastic. That's $2.40 per hair tie. You might as well TIE YOU HAIR WITH DOLLAR BILLS.

You can make your own, by following the easiest instructions ever. For $12 worth of elastic, you can make over 80 hair ties.

33. Make a woven ribbon statement necklace.

If you don't have $278 to drop on a statement necklace, you can make your own by weaving some grosgrain ribbon. It's like the adult version of an old-school plastic gimp keychain.

Directions here.


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