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    26 Things On Etsy You Need To Buy Right Now

    For example, a pizza-shaped sleeping bag.

    1. Stackable House Rings

    2. Calligraphy Cake Topper

    3. A French Fry Print Bustier

    4. Fast-Food Pasties

    5. Heart Cutout Shoes

    6. Spice Girls Polaroid Camera

    7. "Balance" Bookshelf

    8. "Even Artichokes Have Hearts" Pencils

    9. Pizza Sleeping Bag with Optional Vegetable Topping Pillows

    10. "Whatever" Bunting

    11. Gummy Worm Scented Soap

    12. Vegetable Gift Wrap

    13. Earl Grey Lip Balm

    14. Snack-Food Printed Purse

    15. Suggestive Panties

    16. Patterned Paint Rollers


    17. Justin Timberlake Middle School Tank

    18. Cat Daisy Barrettes

    19. Everything Bagel Greeting Card

    20. Sprinkle Print Leggings

    21. Personalized Leather Dog Backpack

    22. Cupcake String Lights

    23. Pee Wee Herman Hat

    24. Watermelon Stud Earrings

    25. The "Life" Calendar

    26. Tiny Crown Pin

    The perfect way to let your child know she's a princess without inflating her ego too much. $9.