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    23 Kids Who Are Totally Nailing This Halloween Thing

    They will put your bedsheet ghost costume to shame.

    1. This boy turned walking arcade game.

    2. This baby girl who dressed up as her dad.

    3. This brother and sister duo who went as bubblegum stuck to a shoe.

    4. This walking vending machine.

    Bonus: He doesn't he need to carry his candy in a pillowcase!

    5. These brothers who are probably too young to know who Wayne and Garth are.

    6. This lil slider and his royal burger parents.

    7. This Easy Mac duo.

    8. These bags of jelly beans.

    9. This mad scientist who lost his head.

    10. This boy and his portable bath.

    Look at his content face.

    11. This trio who went as rock-paper-scissors.

    Metallic leggings as scissor blades = BRILLIANT.

    12. This duo of Slurpees.

    13. This girl who went as a life-size snow globe.

    14. This miniature Abercrombie model.

    15. The littlest gnome.

    16. This Walter White lookalike.

    17. Baby Prince

    The TRUE royal baby.

    18. This enormous TV dinner.

    19. Lil Lil Wayne

    20. Buster the Ice Cream Man

    21. This pint-sized Frappucino.

    22. The most adorable Edward Scissorhands.

    He's using plastic utensils, FOR SAFETY.

    23. This girl who must really love vegetables.

    Flickr: 31837572@N04

    As if the costume wasn't perfect enough, she added a delightful knitted tomato cap.

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