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    16 DIY Ways To Take Your Store-Bought Cake To The Next Level

    Zero piping-bag skills required.

    Just because you're serving up a store bought cake doesn't mean it has to look boring.

    1. Stick on some celebratory bunting.

    Available here in lots of other colors, too!

    2. Adorn your cake with balloons.

    Q: Who will not be delighted by the presence of miniature balloons?

    A: No one!

    Make them from water balloons and wooden skewers. Instructions here.

    3. Turn Mike & Ikes and toothpicks into tiny popsicles.

    These secretly easy to make toppers look best when you use a combination of the classic and tropical flavor varieties.

    4. Turn plastic animals into a set of metallic toppers.

    For the refined zoo-lover in your life.

    Instructions here.

    5. Use merengue cookies to create the illusion of piped frosting.

    Christopher Baker /

    If the thought of using a piping bag makes you want to take a nap, try plopping on some store-bough merengue cookies along the edges to get a similar look.

    6. Or you can even add rock candy.

    Place them in color order to create the illusion of a 3D rainbow.

    More info here.

    7. Add a set of geometric shaped toppers.

    Learn how to make them here.

    8. Craft pipe cleaners into decorative shapes.

    An easy alternative to sparkler candles, if you're serving kids.

    Instructions here.

    9. Add a custom silhouette.

    10. Add some tiny heart-shaped pinatas.

    Learn how to make them here.

    11. Turn a box of powdered donuts into a dozen DIAMOND RINGS!

    Okay, technically not a cake, but just as delightful.

    All you need to make them is this free template and some glitter glue.

    12. Stick some lollipops in cupcakes.

    You can even line with patterned paper straws, if you're feeling fancy.

    Instructions here.

    13. Add a giant paper number.

    If you have paper, tape, scissors, and some sort of stick, you have everything you need to make this topper. The perfect last minute decoration.

    More instructions here.

    14. Add some glitter gems.

    Learn how to make them here.

    15. Or even hearts.

    Learn how to make them here.

    16. Make candy necklaces look surprisingly impressive.

    Learn how here.

    Now, you're ready to serve the BEST CAKE EVER!

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