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7 Times Political Kim Was Goals

She isn't just a TV personality after all.

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1. When she began by hitting the Senate HARD on their vote against background checks, and tweeting at 6:21am shows us her commitment.

So sad! The senate voted against background checks being needed to buy guns. So terrorists on fbi's wanted lists can legally still buy guns

2. To continue...

Oh & mentally ill people can buy guns without a background check too.

3. And to end her amazing rant, she didn't stop herself from expressing her concern of the safety of America.

The fact that anyone can so easily access guns is so scary & after all of the devastating loss the Senate should have not failed us!!!

4. When she voiced her opinion after the Orlando nightclub shooting.

After Orlando, Congress hasn't done anything and now they're going on vacation. I say #NoBillNoBreak

5. When she was excited AF to get a selfie with Former Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton.

Instagram: @kimkardashian / Via Kim Kardashian Instagram

6. When she posted and adorably captioned this SUPER CUTE picture of her, Kanye, little Northie, and Former POTUS Barack Obama to commemorate his amazing presidency.

Instagram: @kimkardashian / Via Kim Kardashian Instagram

7. And finally, when she posted these statistics burning Trump's executive order to deny immigrant access from a list of dangerous countries, to supposedly decrease or eliminate extreme terrorism in the U.S.

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