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    Read This If Your Racist

    im done this is final.

    To the racists and blackfishers

    75.1 percent white people, 12.3 percent black people
    race demographics

    okay look imma say this once and not anymore. black lives matter is not a trend when kids are getting shot for carrying skittles, grown men are getting killed for being black and for running. we get killed more than white people and that's not up for negotiation. Now before I hear, " oh but white people get killed by the police more! Its us were the victim!" there are more white people in the world than black, and if you don't believe me there's a chart up there. (that's the most recent one btw <3) Now black fishing. We have our african queen, nikita dragun, we also have kim kardashian, Bhad Bhabie, Addison Rae, Rita Ora, and Emma Hallberg. There's so many more yall, but that would take up my whole article! They use beautiful black queens as a form of cosplay, and what's worse is that most of them know what they are doing. You know your offending cultures, and making jokes about us as if that's funny. White people call us thieves, but you stole native american land, and took us (black people) off our land, which is africa. Not only that, you ate us, beat us, humiliated us, raped us, segregated us, and so much more. And we protest peacefully, for you to throw tear gas at us, shoot at us, arrest us, and call us thugs for wanting equality. We just got abolished from slavery, and white people still acting like were segregated. Now let's get on this oompa loompa you call your president. This man's mother, and wife are immigrants, and he is still trying to kick you guys out of america. Like no, they deserve to stay. Don't forget your dear president is putting kids in cages, has raped people, and has got kids killed in ice. He's also a perv. His wife is 50, and he is 75. He is also the oldest president. Like ew. But anyways, while she was in the womb he was 25. When she was in kindergarten he was 35. Like that's disgusting. Now before you attack me about age gap with peoples parents, some peoples parents haven’t been accused of rape. He was 56, and she was 28 when they met. Omg.. anyways. I'm tired of the racists like just stop your not getting anywhere.

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