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14 Signs You Really Married The Right Person

You can plan a wedding, but you can’t plan a marriage. Find out what happens when three couples take the plunge with someone chosen by their parents on Arranged, premiering on FYI television network, April 14 at 10:15p ET/ 11:15p PT!

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1. They know all your secret rituals after a long day and are, like, totally OK with them.

2. You don't give a rip (nailed it) about farting in front of them anymore.

3. They've seen you in the mornings…

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...and still tell you you're "beautiful."

4. Lying on the couch for six hours is a "hot date night" you both get overly excited about.

5. They know you're a terrible cook and are fine ordering takeout ALL. THE. TIME.


You tried, but no.

6. Yes, you have left the bathroom door open at times and don't really care.

7. You can go for hours… even DAYS without speaking, and still enjoy each other's company. / Via

LOL communication.

8. Because you can tell exactly what the other one is thinking with one glance.

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And you're also not afraid to give "the look."

9. It doesn't phase them anymore that 99.9% of the time you're walking around in your underwear.

10. You have no filter when it comes to complaining about your mother-in-law, and they actually agree.

11. Their ears have tuned out your lung-belting shower anthems.


But let's be real, their life wouldn't be complete without your early-morning rendition of "Call Your Girlfriend."

12. They at least shoot you a little smirk after years of your "oh-so-funny" jokes.

13. They've FINALLY learned when to pick their battles.

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And you've agreed to deal with the sarcasm, sure... as long as you get your way.

14. You constantly complain that they hog the bed, but the minute they're not there, you just can't sleep.

To see how long it takes couples to go from strangers to this level of comfort tune in to Arranged, premiering on FYI television network, April 14 at 10:15p ET/ 11:15p PT!

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