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13 Reasons "Seven Year Switch" Is The Show That TV Needs

Love is not all Hollywood happily ever afters — sometimes love takes re-evaluation. That's what these not-so-newlyweds do when they agree to trial marriages with other people.

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6. Because being kind to your partner is one of the most important things in a relationship.

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When your partner asks you for attention, give it to them, even if it's a small gesture. It shows you care, and these couples definitely learn that.

7. Because only a great change can bring great growth...

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Any relationship can be full of bad habits and destructive cycles. Oftentimes, only a serious break in routine can be enough to give the relationship new life, and trading a spouse is a very extreme break.

13. Because sometimes what you need to do is something totally crazy.

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Yes, the premise of this show is insane. But it's what these couples need to turn their relationships around...or end them for good.

Tune in to all of the realness of Seven Year Switch on 7/7 at 9ET/10PT.

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