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WOW Expression Package???

currently, Online users seem no long satisfy using the emoji to expression their mood. more and more real pictures are parodied, becoming ridiculous and satiric. The most popular forms people used to modify the picture is adding some words which closely match what the figure looks like into the picture, and make GIF from a movie or video. Actually, every picture or moving image can be used in communication to show what exactly you feel or want to express, which is more meaningful than Emoji. Particularly, some funny stars , cartoon characters or a single shot from comical movie will be easily transformed, becoming a series of special expression package and spreading rapidly . Of cause, some normal people are willing to make their own personal and exclusive expression package. NOW! Let 's go into the world of magical expression package!!

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some expression package examples

1.happy, sweet, affectionate, 2 disappointed, coquetry, 3 excited, 4 helpless, although i don’t like it but i still have to keep smiling,,,5..what the sh…., horrible.. speechless..5 terrible, scaring, 6 interesting, 7 unbelievable,awesome. 8 very sad, surprisingly sad~

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