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7 Vital Things To Know If You'll Be Voting Absentee This Election

If you’re an American living abroad or a military member serving away from home, you can vote absentee in the upcoming election. Let FVAP help!

This election is frickin' wild.

1. Voting absentee is really just a two-step process.

2. You can vote from ~anywhere~.

3. Military spouses can vote absentee, too.

4. You don't have to remember a ton of deadlines. There are just three recommended deadlines for returning your ballot!

5. Didn't get your ballot in time? Hey, it happens. Don't worry — there's backup.

6. After you fill out your ballot and send it in, how do you know if it's been received?

7. And if you want to talk to a human for help, you can do that, too.

Need more help? Contact the Federal Voting Assistance Program!