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8 Ways To Pretend Like It's Summer All Year Long

Dive in before it's too late! You'll only have this summer once!

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1. Partake in an epic ice cream challenge!

Faye Kahn/Buzzfeed

They're offered at tons of creameries and ice cream shops around the U.S. Don't be afraid to take it one step further and try the craziest flavor combinations!

4. Challenge yourself to an exciting "roller coaster dare."

Faye Kahn/Buzzfeed

Refuse to grow up? Good! Gather your friends and find the highest roller coaster in the state. First one to scream buys a round of hot dogs.

6. Take a thrift shop shopping spree and try something totally new and adventurous.

Faye Kahn/Buzzfeed

Strapped for cash? Take the "Thrift Shop Shopping Spree" with a friend. Start with $10, and whoever can find the most ridiculous item wins!

8. Embrace your inner outdoor adventurer and check out an outdoor concert.

Faye Kahn/Buzzfeed

Enjoy that nice weather while you still can and have a good time at an outdoor music festival! Who said you need a nice, cushy hotel room to have the weekend of your life? A tent will do just fine!

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