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The Outrageous Sport Fusions You Didn't Know Existed

Playing one sport can get redundant, so why not switch it up by trying a new and exciting hybrid sport?

1. Chess Boxing


Just what it sounds like, chess boxing is a sport in which the players take turns between playing a game of speed chess and trading punches in the ring. Intense!

2. Octopush


If you love hockey and you're really good at holding your breath, then Octopush is the sport for you. Simply put, it's just underwater hockey, played with hand paddles instead of the traditional longer sticks. Let's just hope no fights break out.

3. Segway Polo


As a certain ex-president proved, staying upright on a Segway is easier said than done - so imagine adding a heated game of polo to the mix! This kamikaze marriage of high tech transportation and the regal sport of polo is so popular it has its own world cup.

4. Skijoring


Can't bear leaving your dog at home when you're skiing? Good, because there's skijoring, which combines dog sledding and skiing into one super speedy bonding experience with you and your best friend.

5. Joggling


Jogging alone can get pretty boring, so it makes sense that some people have decided to take it to the next level by adding juggling to the sport. With names so similar, it's no surprise they go so well together.

6. Bog Snorkelling


You won't see any exotic fish on this snorkeling mission! Bog snorkeling consists of a timed race to swim two 60-yard lengths of bog-water filled trenches, all while doning flippers and a snorkeling mask.

7. Toe Wrestling


If you have no upper-body strength, this sport is one to keep in mind next time you have to settle a score. Identical in practice to arm wrestling, toe wrestling is most popular in the UK, where the World Championships have taken place since 1970.

8. Bed Racing


If staying in bed is your favorite sport, then you're in luck. Bed racing involves pulling ornately decorated beds on wheels with four to five teammates, usually down a football field or paved street.

9. Futnet


Futnet, also known as Football tennis, has been around for almost a century, and can be played either indoors or outdoors. The game is a simple combination of soccer rules (hands cannot touch the ball) and a tennis court and net.

10. Robot Wrestling

Robot wrestling is equal parts nerdy and extreme. The game pits two robots against each other using moves closely resembling classic pro wrestling. May the toughest robot win!