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13 Things Every Fresher Needs To Know Before Heading To Uni In Cardiff

Cardiff is one of the top locations in the UK for students and each year thousands of people head to the city to study. If you're heading to Cardiff as a Fresher this year, here’s what you need to know:

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1. In Cardiff, Wednesdays are the big night out and there’s no shortage of places to go, so it’ll be an evening of tough choices for you. Do you head out in search of 90s tunes and a couple of bevs? Do you opt for the Student Union and keep it casual? Do you get so drunk at pre-drinks you don’t actually make it anywhere? Decisions, decisions.

9. Unless you’re from Wales, you’ll probably find the Welsh translations on every street sign a little bit odd. Though it won't be long before you’re heading home and signs without it look, well, even more odd.

11. If you’re not planning on heading home during reading week, you may find the student areas of Cardiff to be a little too quiet and a little bit boring. Though, this is ideal if you want to catch up on university work and don’t mind heading into the city centre.

13. Cardiff has everything a Fresher could need. Fact.

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