12 Ways To Talk Like A Mafioso Every Day

Ey Boss, you think you’re mobbed up? You think you’re some sort of Don? Seems to me like you’re more of a babbo than a goon. If you want to hang with the mob, you have to walk and talk like the mob. Here’s your first lesson courtesy of G-Thing, you better take notes or you’re gonna get straightened out.

1. Stugots [stoog-awts]

(n.) – testicles

2. Juice

(n.) - respected credibility on the street

3. Mustache Pete

Valentin Russanov / Getty Images

(n.) - an old style mob boss who is set in their own ways (does not like change)

4. Bag

(v.) - to be intimate with

5. Goomah [goomah]

(n.) - a mistress/girl on the side

6. College life

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(n.) - jail time

7. Madonn’

(n.) - surprise or bewilderment

8. Facia bruta [fatch-ah broot-ah]


(adj.) - ugly face

9. Drop

(v.) - to knock over in a fight

10. Mortadella

(n.) - loser

11. Babbo

(n.) - an idiot

12. In the wind

(adj.) - on the run hiding from the law

For the complete breakdown on how to talk the talk like a real mobster, check out G-Fella’s mob dictionary.

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