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Prank Calling With Furbys

The '90s have returned. Furbys are back, and they're ready to prank call you.

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According to the novelization of the late '90s documentary "The Matrix," machines want to dominate humanity in order to use humanity as batteries to power their humanity-domination efforts. If this proves nothing else, it's that machines use circular logic just like humans do and therefore they probably like the same things we do, too, like complaining about television shows, and making prank calls. So we decided to extend a cyber-olive-branch to our machine friends and set up a few Furbys to make prank calls. Are we aiding and abetting the enemy in the first salvo in the war that will determine who gets to write the canonical ending of John Henry vs. the Steam Powered Hammer? Or are we just playfully messing with a few people with New York area codes? The future, dear reader, is in your hands.

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