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Hundreds Of Reviewers Swear By The Furbo Dog Cam For Helping Them Keep Their Dog Safe

Get real-time alerts when something isn’t right.

Raise your hand if you hate leaving your dog home alone. 🙋‍♀️ Chances are that's why you're even considering getting a dog camera in the first place. Well, stop ~pawndering~ and treat yourself (and your pup) to a Furbo — the only Wi-Fi camera made specifically for dogs.

Not only will the Furbo help you win your dog's love and affection with treats (truly what all we pet owners crave), but it will also help keep your pet safe by sending you real-time alerts when your dog is barking, pacing, chewing, or playing with another dog. Then, you can access Furbo's live feed on your phone via the app.

In addition to calming nervous pupperinos and helping you spy on your doggos, it's also alerted dozens of dog parents to fires and gas leaks in their homes...

...recorded intruders, which has led to their arrests and restored the home owners' sense of security...

...and saved some unattended pups from injuring themselves.

Though we hope the scariest thing you see when you check your Furbo is your dog taking the opportunity to get up on the couch, which is 100% off limits when you're home.

So be a good hooman and get yourself a Furbo ($249). Your dog's tail is already wagging in anticipation.

Plus, Furbo is tossing dog owners a treat too. Their Back Friday sale is coming soon! Sign up to save 46% and shop one day before anyone else!

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