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Paid PostNov 21, 2019

Hundreds Of Reviewers Swear By The Furbo Dog Cam For Helping Them Keep Their Dog Safe

Get real-time alerts when something isn’t right.

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Raise your hand if you hate leaving your dog home alone. 🙋‍♀️ Chances are that's why you're even considering getting a dog camera in the first place. Well, stop ~pawndering~ and treat yourself (and your pup) to a Furbo — the only Wi-Fi camera made specifically for dogs.


While your dogs will probably be most excited by Furbo's treat-throwing abilities (it can hold up to 100 bite-sized treats so you can toss them to your heart's content), dog owners will appreciate that Furbo shows them what their pooches are up to in crystal-clear 1080p full HD and has a 4x zoom, 160-degree wide-angle capabilities, and night vision. It also has two-way audio, so you can calm your pets with the sound of your voice when they're stressed and anxious or being naughty — and then toss them a treat to reward them once they're calm.

To get started, just plug in the Furbo and connect it to your Wi-Fi. Then, download the Furbo app (it's iOS- and Android-compatible) and proceed to spend most of your workday checking in on your precious babies.

Not only will the Furbo help you win your dog's love and affection with treats (truly what all we pet owners crave), but it will also help keep your pet safe by sending you real-time alerts when your dog is barking, pacing, chewing, or playing with another dog. Then, you can access Furbo's live feed on your phone via the app.


One key difference between the Furbo and any regular old home-monitoring system is that you'll only be alerted to dog-related activities (though you will get a notification when a human enters the picture, which can help you quickly identify whether it's just the dog walker or a stranger who definitely shouldn't be there). You'll also get a message when your dog engages in a continuous activity, a feature that can help identify signs of separation anxiety.

Another perk of owning a Furbo is that you'll get DOG SELFIES sent to your app, because we all know the struggle of getting your dog to just sit still for one second for a decent family photo.

In addition to calming nervous pupperinos and helping you spy on your doggos, it's also alerted dozens of dog parents to fires and gas leaks in their homes...


"I recently purchased my Furbo because my baby Kato broke his leg and I needed to keep an eye on him when I was out. A few days ago, I opened Furbo while I was out for dinner and saw that something was wrong at home. I immediately rushed home to find the house filled with smoke. If I didn’t have Furbo I would have lost my furbaby and my home." — Kato’s loving dog mom

"Furbo’s Barking Alert saved my dog from carbon monoxide poisoning! I kept getting Barking Alert notifications from Furbo so I checked in on my dog. I then heard that our carbon monoxide alarm was going off! So glad that I had Furbo to notify me, or else I may not have come home to my dog alive. So beyond thankful that I have my Furbo to keep an eye on my furbaby!" —Kobe's loving dog mom

"Furbo’s Barking Alert saved our mini goldendoodle from a fire! Furbo sent us Barking Alerts to let us know that our dog was barking and when we looked at it the whole apartment was smokey and then the fire burnt Furbo. We rushed home and were able to save him just in time before the smoke took over the entire apartment. Without being notified by Furbo, Mooser would not be alive today. Furbo saved our dog's life and we are forever thankful for that!" —Mooser's loving dog mom

...recorded intruders, which has led to their arrests and restored the home owners' sense of security...


"Thanks to Furbo’s Person Alert and Cloud Recording videos I was able to catch the girl who BROKE INTO MY HOME and ROBBED ME! Furbo was the best Christmas gift I could have received, and not only can I watch my sweet boy Cooper, but the police have Furbo recordings of the thief and now I can feel safe again." —Crystal, loving dog mom

"Furbo’s Person Alert notified us someone broke into our house! The police were able to catch him thanks to Furbo's recording. Thanks for keeping my home and my pup safe, Furbo!" —Kelly, loving dog mom

"Furbo’s Person Alert caught an intruder in my house and the Cloud Recording videos helped the police catch him thanks to Furbo's recording. Thanks for keeping my home and my pup safe, Furbo!" —Dexter’s loving dog mom

...and saved some unattended pups from injuring themselves.


"Today Furbo’s alert saved my dog’s life! Furbo snapped a selfie and showed that Leia had shredded a bag of chocolate truffles. I immediately rushed home just as she had gotten down a bag of dark chocolate. Thank you Furbo — my mini Aussie wouldn't have done well consuming 5 ounces of dark chocolate." —Leia’s loving dog mom

"Furbo’s Dog Activity Alert notified me my dog was CHEWING ON A RAZOR with THREE BLADES on it! I was able to alert my boyfriend and tell him to go grab it from my dog in the living room. Without Furbo I'm not sure what would have happened." —Kristy, loving dog mom

"Furbo saved my puppy from potentially injuring herself! My 3-month-old puppy figured out how to climb out her pin and get onto the counters! Thank goodness the Furbo notified me she was barking and I was able to have a family member run home! Love my Furbo!" —Haylee, loving dog mom

Though we hope the scariest thing you see when you check your Furbo is your dog taking the opportunity to get up on the couch, which is 100% off limits when you're home.


So be a good hooman and get yourself a Furbo ($249). Your dog's tail is already wagging in anticipation.


Plus, Furbo is tossing dog owners a treat too. Their Back Friday sale is coming soon! Sign up to save 46% and shop one day before anyone else!


The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.