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Super-Simple Tips To Throw A Last-Minute Yet Photogenic BBQ

Let's face it: Summer in Britain isn't always quite so...summery. So, when the sun miraculously breaks out, these simple tips will help you host a last-minute BBQ that'll wow your guests.

1. Create halloumi and vegetable kebabs for a crowd-pleasing vegetarian main. Cut up cubes of halloumi and whatever vegetables you have in your fridge, place onto skewers, coat in an olive oil, seasoning, and lemon juice, then pop onto the BBQ.

2. Whip up a simple rainbow salsa to give your burgers a flavourful kick, without much effort. The vibrant colours of this salsa will spruce up your table, and it makes a great accompaniment to tortilla chips, too.

3. No time to marinate overnight? It's cool: This five-ingredient chilli lime marinade recipe takes just 30 minutes to work its magic. Try it out on chicken thighs or cubes of tofu.

4. This colourful, Mediterranean-inspired salad is full of fresh ingredients, looks great, and is so easy to put together. It's the ideal, 'gramworthy side for your BBQ.

5. Fruit ice lollies are an eye-catching and refreshing dessert that doesn't require hours in the kitchen to make. Simply pour lemonade and chopped fruit into lolly moulds, then freeze until solid. Another tip? Cut up watermelon into wedges and place on lolly sticks for a healthy treat.

6. Throw together impressive cocktails in just a few seconds, whatever your bartending skills, using Funkin Cocktails mixers, which come in flavours including Pina Colada and Mojito. Just add spirit and ice to their mixers, shake, and serve up four quality cocktails. Much easier than making from scratch.

7. Dress up your drinks with simple garnishes that instantly elevate them. We used colourful paper straws, fruit, and pineapple leaves – but feel free to add whatever your artistic flair desires.

8. For your guests who don't want to drink, serve fancy fruit-infused water. We put strawberries, raspberries, and stalks of mint into a pitcher of water for a rustic, summer vibe.

9. Keep your drinks nice and cool (and save precious room in your fridge) by filling a garden bucket with ice and cold water. It will also save your guests from having to go to your freezer to top up their drinks with ice.

10. A great time-saving tip is to serve simple appetisers, but serve them well. Chopped fruit will add splashes of colour to your table, as will shop-bought hummus and guacamole. Just pop them into colourful bowls rather than serving in their original containers, and everything will instantly look fancier. If you have time, top your hummus with olive oil and paprika before serving.

11. Add additional pops of colour to your table with bright napkins and decorations. We cut up old paper lanterns and used them as table decorations. These, alongside some indoor plants and succulents you may have, will instantly upgrade your BBQ's aesthetic.

12. Make an eye-catching condiment display using clean and empty containers – e.g. jam jars, mason jars, or paint pots. Very 'gram-ready.

13. Once you've demolished the food, set up a makeshift carnival-inspired game for your guests to play. Stack up empty tin cans into a pyramid, and take turns throwing balls at them. Bonus points if you knock them all down in one!

Once that's all over, finish up your BBQ with a well-deserved round of drinks. Cheers!

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Photography © Ben Armson / Josie Ayre / BuzzFeed