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    10 Vegan Cheeses You'll Actually Love

    You won't miss dairy cheese anymore!

    1. Vegan Aged Camembert Cheese

    Full of Plants / Via

    2. Ricotta Cheese

    Lazy Cat Kitchen / Via

    3. Stretchy Mozzarella

    4. Cashew-less Queso

    Minimalist Baker / Via

    5. Smoked Jalepeno Cheddar Cheese

    My Darling Vegan / Via

    6. Almond Parmesan

    7. Vegan Blue Cheese

    Full of Plants / Via

    8. Cultured Cashew Cream Cheese

    Yup It's Vegan / Via

    9. Ultimate Cheese Sauce

    Veggies Don't Bite / Via

    10. Basic Almond Cheese

    Lands and Flavors / Via
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