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12 Things We Do When We Think No One Is Watching

Sometimes you gotta just do you. And sometimes, even when you're supposed to be doing something else, you need to take a minute for yourself. Reclaim those stolen moments with a fruitwater®.

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1. Dancing around your apartment like no one is watching.


Even if, sometimes, you get so caught up in it that you don't even realize people ARE watching.

2. (And obviously when you're in the shower, too.)

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3. Secretly snapping selfies everywhere you go to make sure you're 100% on-point.



4. Getting that one pair of shoes you HAD to have, in your size, and just losing it.

20th Century Fox Television / Via

(OK, OK, maybe it was more than one pair.)

5. Using your phone camera to check for stuff in your teeth.

Ian Barbour (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: barbourians

6. Taking the time for a trip down memory lane (aka your ex's photos).

BuzzFeed / Ashley Cook

(Just make sure you aren't actually liking them.)

7. Seeing the last cookies left on a plate and just going for it.


SOMEONE has to eat them.

8. Talking to, and treating, your pet like she's a human.

9. Practicing your moonwalking skills so that you can just casually bust it out in front of friends.

Animal Planet / Via

"Oh, what's that? Someone just asked if anyone in the room knows how to moonwalk?"

10. Staying up late to fully indulge in your most pressing questions about the world (aka falling into a Wiki hole).

Here's a good one about the smallest house in Great Britain to get you started.

11. (Or staying up "late" because you keep moving your phone's clock forward to get more lives in Candy Crush.)

(At least, until your internal clock catches up with you.)
Getty Images/iStockphoto Julija Sapic

(At least, until your internal clock catches up with you.)

12. And of course, clearing your schedule for a much-needed — and deserved — nap.

Those little moments really add up over time. Reclaim the stolen moments throughout your day by treating yourself to a fruitwater®.

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