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10 Rewarding Moments Only Moms Understand

It's all about the little things. But with the taste of a sparkling fruitwater®, steal back those stolen moments and reward yourself with a refreshing one, anytime.

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6. When your kid is old enough to go to summer camp, and you get to go to a “summer camp” of your own.

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AKA a trip out of town with your friends or your significant other.

7. The moment your child goes to bed after taking a bath, and you finally get to take your own bath.

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Someday they’ll realize that baths can actually be the best part of a day.

10. And, most rewarding of all, taking the time to laugh.


Whether it’s from a funny movie, making jokes with your child, or hanging out with a friend who always makes you chuckle, there’s nothing more rewarding than taking some time to laugh. It really is the best remedy.

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