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12 Happy Dog Rescue Endings

We know your rescue dog holds a special place in your warm, gooey heart. How could they not? Treat them to a nice Frosty Paws Frozen Treat for Dogs, they deserve it. After all, who rescued who anyway?

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1. Victoria

Facebook: events

This super sweet little Maltese, Victoria, was laying in someone's trash can when this amazing municipal worker snatched her up and saved her! She is now safe and sound thanks to BARC Shelter and is still waiting for the perfect home.

5. Galvin


Poor ol' Galvin was homeless when he was picked up and put in a shelter. His vet said his nose was all cut up from bully cats. Now he's got a place to call home sweet home thanks to Bruised Not Broken!

6. Dino

Via Facebook: BarcShelter

This ridiculously adorable Parson Russell Terrier mix was surrendered to the city pound, but thankfully he was rescued and BARC Shelter helped him find a new home. Here he is with his new mom and dad! You go, Dino.

10. Hank

Aubree Lennon

This big hunk of adorable was found blind and alone on the streets of Queens and unable to walk on his own due to the lack of muscles in his legs. Since then his legs have made a full recovery and he is happy to have loving parents and a place like Sean Casey Animal Rescue to help him out!

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