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11 Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Summer is naturally refreshing, but your pup may need some help staying cool through the hot months. Here are some tips on keeping your pooch super cool, and don't forget to check out Frosty Paws Frozen Treats for Dogs for the ultimate summer doggy snack!

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1. Wherever you are, make sure there is some shade.

nikoretro / Via Flickr: bellatrix6

2. Bring them to the groomer for a nice bath and a fancy summer haircut.

Nicole Sander

3. Get him a sweet new igloo that keeps the hot air out.

4. Keep them hydrated.

Lulu Hoeller / Via Flickr: toaireisdivine

5. Get them some super hip sunglasses.

Alan Light / Via Flickr: alan-light

6. Invest in a good hat to keep away the sun.

S. Carter / Via Flickr: australianshepherds

7. Bring them to the lake!

woodleywonderworks / Via Flickr: wwworks

8. Or the pool.

Inspire Kelly / Via Flickr: inspirekelly

9. Enjoy a little time in the air conditioning.

Cyndi Norrie

10. Fun fact: ice cubes are both fun AND refreshing.

Wendy Harman / Via Flickr: quirky

11. And most importantly, give your pup lots of yummy frozen treats!

Susan Robertson / Via Flickr: susanjeanrobertson