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10 Heartwarming Cat And Dog Heroes

Get the tissues, and hold your four-legged friends close. Ask your veterinarian about Frontline Plus.

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2. Brutus's first owners didn't care for him when he got frostbite on all four legs. Like a true survivor, the 2-year-old Rottweiler is now relearning two walk using his prosthetic legs at his new loving home.

3. Wrigley, a 4-year-old search and rescue K9, is one of many dogs aiding workers in Bhaktapur, Nepal, sift through the wreckage of the area's recent devastating earthquakes.

6. Scarlett, the "Mommy of the Year" cat that was found severely burned but alive in the Spring of 1996 after going in and out of a burning Brooklyn building to save each of her five kittens individually.

8. When Stacey Rogers was a baby, her cat Midnight saved her life by noticing that she was having difficulty breathing in her crib and alerted Stacey's mom by meowing into the baby monitor.

These animal heroes went above and beyond to care for others. Care for your four-legged friends with Frontline Plus for Dogs and Frontline Plus for Cats.

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