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14 Words That Have A Completely Different Meaning To Friends Fans

There are some words that aren't regular words anymore — not for you. Catch them in the wild — watch Friends from 5pm daily on Comedy Central.

1. Perfection, n. [per-fek-shuh n]

2. Lunge, n. [luhnj]

3. Pivot, v. [piv-uh t]

4. Fine, adv. [fahyn]

5. Break, n. [breyk]

6. Lobster, n. [lob-ster]

7. Yemen, n. [yem-uh n]

8. Homo sapiens, n. [hoh-moh sey-pee-uh nz]

9. Unagi, n. [oohn-uh gee]

10. Seven, n. [sev-uh n]

11. Ghost, n. [gohst]

12. Sandwich, n. [sand-wich]

13. Twin, n. [twin]

14. Moot (point), n. [moot]

Watch Friends daily from 5pm on Comedy Central.

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