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23 Criminally Underrated Friends Characters

After 10 years of visiting Central Perk, the six Friends really felt like family. In honour of the 20th anniversary of Friends, we've listed all the characters we'd like to have seen more of. Watch Friends daily at 5pm on Comedy Central.

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1. Amy Green

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Rachel's younger sister Amy (played by Christina Applegate) is hilariously spoilt, selfish, vapid, amoral and possibly insane. Her best moments include getting Emma's ears pierced, mistaking Ross for a falafel seller (repeatedly), and getting engaged to an 'old guy' called Myron because he had an amazing apartment.

2. David the Scientist Guy

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Phoebe's boyfriend who chose a big science project based in Minsk over their relationship. David (played by Hank Azaria) is a loveable loser - a blanket so wet that he's dripping all over the floor, then apologising for it. But he's also a master of comic timing and an underdog you want to root for.

3. Will Colbert

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Will Colbert (Brad Pitt) was bullied by Rachel throughout high school, but now he is 'rich and thin'. We all want to hear more about the I-Hate-Rachel-Club and the hermaphrodite cheerleader from Maine.

4. Janice Litman Goralnik

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Remember when she dumped Ross, or had a panic attack in her trademark whine? Or when Chandler accidentally poked her in the eye when he tried to break up with her? Or her rendition of My Funny Valentine?

Her ability to show up almost everywhere means that she's probably behind you RIGHT NOW.

5. Mike Hannigan

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© Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Mike (Paul Rudd) is Phoebe's perfect foil. Despite seeming straight-laced, he's as weird as she is. Plus, he says the most perfect line in the series when he tells Phoebe during their wedding vows that he loves her because she's "so wonderfully weird".

6. Todd, the Hombre Man

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Joey's arch nemesis who works alongside him in the fragrance section of the department store. Sure, he was only a walk-on character, but with his brooding good looks and sense of drama he had tonnes of potential to become one of the girls' love interests, or a reoccurring enemy.

7. Sandy

Sandy (played by Freddie Prinze Jnr) is the male nanny hired by Rachel. He falls out with Ross after telling him that dinosaur toys are not 'age-appropriate' for either Emma… or him.

8. The Chick And The Duck

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Chick and duck appeared when Joey mistook a news story about people buying chicks that they couldn't care for, for an advert for chicks.

When Chandler tried to take the chick back, he came home with a duck instead. And they lived happily ever after (apart from the time they got the chick stuck in the VCR).

10 points if you know their names…

9. Ryan

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Ryan (Charlie Sheen) was a Navy Lieutenant, who only came above water every five years. When he came back to dry land, he'd hook up with Phoebe.

Which means, by rights, we should have seen him TWICE during the show's running.

10. Richard Burke

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Why is Richard (Tom Selleck) underrated? That moustache, his twinkly eyes, his bedside manner… And when Joey and Chandler started smoking cigars and grew a moustache, respectively.

11. Paul Stevens

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The best thing about Paul (Bruce Willis) is how he brings out the absolute comedic worst in Ross. And also the best: that scene where he tells Paul that "I, too, am just a love machine…".


12. Mr. Treeger

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Mr Treeger was the building superintendent at Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Chandler's apartment block. His most memorable moment was when Joey taught him ballroom dancing in exchange for him not reporting Monica and Rachel for illegal subletting.

13. Eddie Menuek

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Eddie was Chandler's delightfully insane roommate who he met in a supermarket when Joey, flushed with money from his Days of Our Lives job, moved out.

Eddie's crime included stealing mannequins from Macy's, dehydrating fruit for fun, keeping a pet goldfish cracker, watching Chandler sleep at night and stealing all the inner soles from his shoes to 'punish' him for the imagined act of sleeping with his ex girlfriend.

14. Melissa Warburton

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Rachel's sorority sister (played by Winona Ryder) who she kissed during a Hawaii-themed party in college. Her most memorable quote:

"I’m…I’m obviously kidding. I’m not in love with you…

"I don’t hear coconuts banging together. Yeah, I don’t…picture your face when I make love to my boyfriend. Anyway, I gotta go. Eh…kiss good-bye?"

15. Charles and Nora Bing

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© Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Chandler's warring parents (Kathleen Turner and Morgan Fairchild) who mentally scarred him with their acts of indiscretion with the pool boy.

10 points if you can name Chandler's dad's show in Vegas…

16. Ugly Naked Guy

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Probably the most talked about, but least seen reoccurring character. Ugly Naked Guy is an enigma - he started off as Cute Naked Guy, so what happened? What does his face look like? Why is he always naked?

17. Estelle Leonard

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Most often seen puffing smoke out of her nostrils like a friendly dragon, Estelle was Joey's agent. Her agent-ing was just as bad as Joey's acting - as seen when she tried to sabotage his career, having forgotten that he still worked for her.

The only two other acts that would be represented by her were a pyramid of dogs and a man who ate paper.

18. Ursula Buffay

Ursula was basically an evil Phoebe - just as kooky, but selfish, amoral and criminally insane.

She should have at least been brought back for Phoebe's wedding, or had a bad sister stand-off with Jill.

19. The Tribbiani Sisters

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Seven amazing plot devices: Gina, Tina, Dina, Mary-Angela, Mary-Therese, Veronica, Cookie - and the one that's in prison whose name we don't know.

20. Pete Becker

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Monica's millionaire boyfriend (played by Jon Favreau) who buys a restaurant and takes her for pizza in Italy in an attempt to woo her.

They split up when he decided he wanted to become an Ultimate Fighting Champion, and was so bad at it, that Monica decided she couldn't bear to see him injured.

21. Susan Bunch-Willick

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Susan is the wife of Ross' ex wife Carol. Despite being, let's be honest, a bit of a bitch, Susan is also very loving, funny and surprisingly deep.

22. Russ

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Russ is the guy that Rachel starts to date after finding Ross' list comparing her to Julie. She denies that there are any similarities between Russ and Ross - until she sees them argue in Central Perk.

23. Gunther

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Reasons why Gunther is criminally underrated: he played Bryce in All My Children, he adopted Rachel's weird cat - and bought every bit of Ross' furniture that Rachel had touched, the fact that Judy Geller has a crush on him and of course, the heart-breaking scene when Ross is celebrating tenure so asks for six glasses to celebrate with champagne:

Gunther: "You want me to join you?"

Ross: "Oh, I thought Joey was here - five is good."

Did we miss anyone? Add your favourite underrated Friends characters to the comments below…

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