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Justice For Lucas

I'm angry about a lot of things happening in the world at this moment, namely how Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas from Stranger Things) is being treated.

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Hello friends! Recently I came across a video on Twitter that just really pissed me off

no but seriously this shit breaks my heart and you can tell that it hurts so if i have to watch this so do y’all


Now, if you're like me you've already binged both seasons of Stranger Things, cried, and started rewatching. We know Lucas, he's funny, cool, and he brings a bit of diversity to the mostly white town of Hawkins, Indiana. But what I didn't know until recently is that people ACTUALLY HATE Lucas, and have told this sweet, 15 year old kid that they hate him as well. Yes, Eleven and Lucas had a bit of a rivalry at first, but then they became friends and started to work together! Most people wouldn't trust Eleven either, so it boggles my mind that Caleb is actually getting hate for being one of the more reasonable characters. I have a lot of Stranger Things opinions but I'm trying not to get too carried away here.

** SEASON TWO SPOILERS ** In Stranger Things 2 we get a lot of new characters. Will comes back, we see Dustin's mom, Joyce's boyfriend Bob, and of course their new addition to the gang, MADMAX. Along with Max is her stepbrother Billy, who is abusive and openly targets Lucas, telling Max not to talk to "people like that". But Dacre Montgomery, who plays Billy, doesn't seem to be getting any hate (not that he should, because as Caleb points out they are all actors playing the part). Actually, many Stranger Things fans like Dacre a lot. Billy is the worst new character, in my opinion, but some still dislike Lucas for flimsy reasons. I'll let you come to your own conclusions about that.

I'll just be here waiting for Stranger Things 3. And for the less appreciated actors to get the love they deserve.

When you see people hating on Lucas for no reason

When you see people hating on Lucas for no reason

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