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If You Do 10 Of These 13 Things You’re A Money-Saving Machine

Saving money is kinda my superpower.

1. When someone suggests you meet at a pricey restaurant for a regular catch up, you have to hold back the eye roll.

2. You trawl the internet to find fashion bargains, and you're always on that coupon code hunt.

Being thrifty doesn't mean you can't be fashionable. It just means that you know the value of your clothes and how to get the clothes you want for less.

3. While people are quick to take a taxi or bus, you're happy walking short distances.

4. You have zero problems waiting until something goes on offer.

5. And your local charity shop practically knows you by name.

6. Before buying something new, you're always searching for a slightly used option online.

7. You're always coming up with ingenious upcycling projects.

8. And you make this face when your friends see your latest DIY and say, "That's so cute! How much did you pay for it?"

9. You track your finances pretty meticulously.

10. And you can't help but silently judge your friends who seem so wasteful with money.

11. Not to mention the friend who wants to celebrate their birthday for an entire week.

12. Perhaps the world's best feeling is watching your savings grow thanks to your savvy.

13. Especially when you plan to spend those savings on something really awesome, like an actual house or a dream vacation.

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