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7 Healthy Home Office Yoga Poses

Because it’s time to start adding a little Namaste into your workday. Freelancers Medical combines services like yoga with innovative patient-centered care at a new holistic primary care practice in NYC to keep you healthy and active, even while working 80 hour weeks.

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1. Still Working in Pajamasana

Plow Pose stretches the back, waking up your entire spine. Lie on your back and bring your legs straight up in the air, slowly pressing into your hands.

2. No Time for Coffee Breakasana

Warrior III Pose opens the chest and gets your heart pumping when you need a pick-me-up. Continue deep breaths as you balance with upper body parallel to the floor.

3. Finally on the Last Draftasana

Crow Pose stretches the muscles in your forearms, wrists, and shoulders after wielding that red pen all day. Don’t be afraid to fall on your first try!

Inspired By Freelancers Medical

Who has time for yoga? You do. Check out Freelancers Medical, a program of Freelancers Insurance Company, for upcoming free yoga events and more.

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