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10 GIFs Of The Weirdest Exercise Equipment Ever Invented

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2. Gazelle Freestyle

In the great animal kingdom, nothing is less graceful than a spandexed human on a Gazelle Freestyle. Preliminary science suggests you burn just as many calories laughing at Tony Little’s quips and swinging ponytail.

3. Ab Circle Pro

Ab Circle Pro exists in a strange alternate universe where half circles count as full circles, anyone can be a “pro,” and everyone has fake fire in their abdominal muscles at the end of the workout.

6. Crazy Fit Vibration Plate

The primary goal of the Vibration Plate seems to be getting you to lay various body parts on it until your teeth chatter hard enough to stop. Cheap substitute: off-balance washing machine

8. Brazil Butt Lift

This at-home exercise tape brings you all the way to the tropical island of your living room, where a trainer talks about your butt way too much. You too can be a Brazilian supermodel if you do all these leg lifts!

9. Sauna Pants

After you finish your workout, you’re going to want to relax and keep sweating. Strap on these pants and flip the switch to “most moist.” Because nothing helps you feel healthy like a hot lap. Ew.

10. “Slimming devices”

Thank goodness for machines, amirite ladies?? These outdated devices remind us of a time when health and fitness meant telling women they needed a cold metal contraption to shake the “bulges” away. No thanks, 1940s, we know way too much about creepy shaking products here in this century.

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