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Top 5 Travel Vlogers To Follow In 2017

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If you are looking for inspiration, motivation or tips for next or even the very first travels, YouTube travel, youtube travel channels can be your best option to start with.

So which are the travel Vloggers to follow in 2017?

I have presented the top 5 YouTube channels which are definitely worth following, regardless of subscribers. You will find not only the well-known guys like Tadd and Millie, Nadine or Ben but some ''rising stars'' too.

Wanderlust Wonderful

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Tadd and Millie, a Canadian Couple who are selling everything to buy a sailboat to travel the whole world, uploading weekly videos on their adventure. Their mission is to inspire their audience with entertaining stories, beautiful images, fun travel videos and useful tips. In their videos, you can enjoy their activities like rafting on a lake, and discovering a waterfall.

Mike Corey

Mike Corey, a break-dancing marine biologist turned travel Youtuber. He captures our world with a curiosity that comes from never growing up. His priorities are clear — experiences over possessions and he proves it on his Kick the Grind TV. His love to the ocean and biology is evident on the very first sight. Many of his videos are about underwater life and nature in general. He shot loads of other cool stuff too, always in a very high quality. You will love his swimming pigs, video from the jungle…..Thai vegetarian festival “rituals” will definitely not leave you neutral

White spot pirates — Untie the lines

A German girl, Nike, bought a sailing boat in Panama, sails the world and presents her stories in a weekly documentation “Untie The Lines.” The purpose of White Spot Pirates is to bring people one step closer to putting their own dreams into reality, to build up a community that inspires and supports each other

Story Travellers

Story travelers are a tribe of visual storytelling artists with a shared passion for genuine travel experiences.They do not upload very often, but when they do, it is really worth it. Their beautiful footage, undisturbed by too many words, is amazing.

Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora is probably the most popular female travel vlogger. She has visited nearly all continents. This fun young lady posts bi-weekly useful travel tips (working abroad, best deals, fitness when on the road, ……) , travel vlogs, comedy videos and life vlogs. You will love this blond cutie.

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