Your First Credit Card: Expectations Vs. Reality

With great power comes great responsibility. Credit cards are awesome, but debt…not so much.

You’ve been thinking about it for a long time and you FINALLY decided to get a credit card.

1. Expectation: You’ve been dreaming of this day for your whole life and it’s finally here! It’s gonna rule!

Reality: It turns out to be a little anticlimactic.

Dan Lurie / Via Flickr: dantekgeek

2. Expectation: You’ll be extra diligent about keeping track of your finances.

Reality: You get lazy and just start swiping willy-nilly.

Dan Paluska / Via Flickr: sixmilliondollardan

You’re sorta keeping track.

3. Expectation: You have a great dinner with your friends and you’re ready to pay your half of the bill. Put it on plastic, waiter.

Reality: Oh, credit card roulette? What? I have to pay for everyone’s meal now?

Eric Mueller / Via Flickr: pnoeric

4. Expectation: Now that you have credit you can finally rent your dream apartment.

JPNDigitalCreations / Via

Reality: Oh, you won’t be able to pay your bill if you move? I guess you’re staying in that basement apartment for awhile.

Your roach “roommates” are really psyched about it.

5. Expectation: You can maybe at least afford a sweet entertainment set-up…

Dell Inc. / Via Flickr: dellphotos

Reality: You reached your monthly spending limit already. Where did it even go?

6. Expectation: Now that you have a credit card you can go out and party every night!

Reality: You accrue too much debt too quickly…then a “party” is some potato chips and your laptop.

Michael Coté / Via Flickr: cote

7. Reality: Shopping! Plastic, baby!

ritz_angel / Via Instagram: @ritz_angel

Reality: Bills, bills, bills.


8. Expectation: You want to share you new card with the whole world!

Reality: You didn’t actually blur out the card number or anything. Welcome to identity theft.

Alexandra E. King / Via Instagram: @alexandraeking

9. We know it’s stressful, but there’s no need to panic. Just figure out a financial plan and everything will stay under control.

The Consumerist / Via Flickr: consumerist

It’s good for your credit score to keep a charge card around and to pay all your bills on time.

10. And at the end of the day, you never know when you’re gonna need a credit card.

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