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Last Minute Halloween Costumes That Won't Break The Bank

Why spend $100 dollars this year on buying a costume when you can make one yourself for half the cost? Good question! Here are some DIY alternatives that won't break the bank.

  • 1. Mummy


    How To Make It: White clothes + old white bed sheet you don’t mind tearing into strips + white gauze bandages = The best $10 costume at the party.

  • 2. Bunch Of Grapes

    Bunch Of Grapes

    How To Make It: Green or purple clothes + matching balloons + a few safety pins= Coolest fruit at the party.

  • 3. Static Cling

    Static Cling

    How To Make It: Black or white clothes + random clothes (socks, briefs, tees) and dryer sheets + safety pins = Static Magic.

  • 4. Old Lady

    Old Lady

    How To Make It: Old fashioned dress + rolled-down knee-high nylons + large black frame purse + an ugly necklace = You've just become your grandma.

  • 5. Nerd


    How To Make It: Button down shirt + high waist pants + glasses + textbooks = Ultimate nerd.

  • 6. Jelly Beans

    Jelly Beans

    How To Make It: Clear plastic bag + multi-colored balloons to slip underneath = The sweetest candy of them all.

  • 7. Ghost


    How To Make It: White sheet (plus cutouts for your eyes) = Easiest costume ever.

  • 8. Baby


    How To Make It: PJs + pacifier +teddy bear = (Even cheaper if you have a younger sibling.)

  • 9. Road Trip

    Road Trip

    How To Make It: Sweatsuit + white or yellow masking tape (for street lines) + toy cars + safety pins = Ultimate Road Trip.

  • 10. Where’s Waldo

    Where’s Waldo

    How To Make It: Red and white striped tee + beanie + eye glasses + jeans= A cost efficient way to Waldobomb your friends.