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16 Purchases You're Going To Regret Tomorrow

Spending money is easy. Spending money wisely is hard. Sometimes you can't help but pull the trigger on something you think you need, but maybe you should reconsider.

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1. This useful addition to your home:

2. These useful wound dressings:

3. This loyal companion:

4. This useful addition to your closet:

5. This important bit of technology:

6. This wonderful desktop addition:

7. This essential piece of life advice:

8. This great addition to your home's exterior decor:

9. This important movie collectible:

10. This essential bit of cultural documentation:


11. This high-octane toy for girls and boys of all ages:

12. This very rare item:

13. This essential bit of mobile technology:

14. This necessary bathroom accessory:

15. This incredible musical opportunity:

16. And this completely necessary kitchenware: