13 Things You Can Actually Buy On The Internet

Uh yeah, you totally need that.

1. The perfect way to give homage to the greats…

If you believe it, you can dream it.

2. $75 for a UFO detector is a BARGAIN!

Now you can say “don’t go crying to me when the mothership lands” to all your friends. And it’s totally justifiable!

3. Your cat is special, magical even. The whole world should know!

4. A gallon of ladybugs for $10? That’s a gallon of BRAND-NEW FRIENDS!

5. Uranium ore, eh? You’ve always wanted to be glow-in-the-dark, now is your chance!

6. A horse head mask for the furry in you.

7. You need this for companionship. Cuddle with it, kiss it, and love it as one of your own.

8. 8 lbs of assorted dehydrated marshmallows, mmmmm.

You know, just in case.

9. A guide on how to avoid large ships, because you never know…

I mean, you bought that bookshelf… so…

10. This narwhal tusk for “teaching purposes.”

Er… yeah… it’s for science.

11. Because cleaning the litter box is fun at any age!

12. This handy guide will help you with some post-apocalyptic survival tips.

Well… one tip. But it’s really good.

13. Just a ton of Bubble Wrap because it’s awesome…

It would be a bad idea not to buy it.

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