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10 Money-Saving Lifehacks For College Grads

Post college life can be tough. And settling into the real world up to your ears in debt can be a tad bit overwhelming. Here's an incentive to get on the right track with these easy money-saving lifehacks. Don't forget to keep tabs on your credit score with membership in to make sure you can succeed financially hassle free!

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  • 1. Get A Bike

    Get A Bike

    Skip the subway passes and train tickets. When you ride a bike, you will not only avoid high transit costs, but you might also shed a few pounds.

  • 2. Collect Samples

    Collect Samples

    When you're spending the majority of your money paying back loans, taking advantage of life's freebies is what it's all about.

  • 3. Participate In Focus Groups

    Participate In Focus Groups

    Focus Groups are a great source of money when times are tough. You can find many of them listed on various websites, including craigslist. So if you have an hour to kill and don't mind talking about your cell phone, you've just pocketed an extra $200.

  • 4. Check Out Farmer's Markets

    Check Out Farmer's Markets

    One way to get fresh fruits and veggies without breaking the bank is by hitting up local farmer's market. You'll be saving cash all while supporting your local businesses. Double win.

  • 5. Be A Coupon Ladyman

    Be A Coupon Ladyman

    We all may hate the woman in front of us at the grocery store who spends 20 minutes figuring out what coupons she is going to use, but hey, she's got the right idea. Using coupons can help you save you a tremendous amount. Add up you're weekly savings and buy yourself a Starbucks, you deserve it!

  • 6. Use Twitter To Save Big

    Use Twitter To Save Big

    Twitter may be a great place to connect with friends and see what's happening in real time, but it's also great for saving money. Many twitter feeds feature tips about sales, bargains and deals that can help you save big in 140 characters or less.

  • 7. Sell Books on eBay And Amazon

    Sell Books on eBay And Amazon

    Those piles of books you pass on the street could earn you some serious cash on Amazon and eBay. So the next time you're riding your fixie through the neighborhood, be on the lookout for books being thrown away.

  • 8. Pregame


    While going out to bars may be an awesome time, it can also be pretty expensive. Have a couple of friends over for drinks beforehand and cut your tab in half.

  • 9. Slick Deals, BeatThat! And Freecycle

    Slick Deals, BeatThat! And Freecycle

    Just to name a few. These obscure sites can end up saving you in various ways. Freecycle allows you to search by location to see if someone is giving away something you might need. A perfect way to be green while saving cash at the same time.

  • 10. Recycle


    While it may only seem like a few cents here and there, all those cans add up. So why not help out the environment while saving yourself a couple of dollars every week.