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The Different Kinds Of Dentists

There are many dentists out there, not just your typical kind that you might go to. While there are many dentists, you might wonder what different variations there are out there. Simply put, there are a lot, and this article will go over the wide variety of them, including what each one of them does in order to help with a person’s overall oral health and wellness.

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The first is a general dentist. This is someone that typically you see every six months in order to help keep your teeth clean and healthy. General dentists do help with improving oral health including replacing teeth, whitening, root canals, and filling cavities. Many times, general dentists will help as well with various treatments that you might want, such as braces and false teeth. Because the general dentist is a health care practitioner, they also will look at your health, mouth, and neck health to make sure that there aren’t any issues. They have a wide variety of means to help the person, and are who you see the most.

Then there are orthodontics. These are the people that not only help with braces and keeping them in, they can also help with teeth that are out of alignment, jaw bones, and even helping with facial structure support. They do help put together various hardware such as retainers and facemasks to help with tooth development issues. All of these various tooth will help with bone structure and help teeth that do have spacing issues as well.

There are also oral and maxillofacial surgeons. These are dentists that focus on the tissues that are found around the mouth, such as the gums, cheeks, your lips, your palates, tongue, and other facial tissues. These are typically trained in hospitals and they perform some of the most invasive dental surgeries out there. Some of these include tooth extractions, jaw smoothing, and also putting down a foundation for false teeth. They also help with cleft and lip surgeries, cancerous tissue extractions, facial infections, and even treatments for sleep apnea. Typically, these lay the foundation for any other dental work, and they take care of any surgeries that need to happen and other supporting bones before any other cosmetic practices are done.

Then there is the periodontist. This dentist is mostly focused on preventing, looking at, and treating, any gum diseases that you might have, including inflammation and pain, treating extreme gum diseases putting in implants, and also cosmetic skin grafting in the gum area. This does basically involve any harsh treatments of the gums that need to be done. Often, these periodontists will tell the general dentists to advice on how to put the best treatment plan forward for all of their patients.

Finally, there is the prosthodontists, and these are the dentists that will replace any damaged, decayed, and even missing teeth. These are typically any false appliances including crowns, bridges, any dentures, veneers, and tooth implants. Often, these are cosmetic and functional for a person, and it can really help a person with chewing, biting, and even speaking. You might have heard of people getting a “smile makeover” before. Essentially, this is an overhaul done by prosthodontists, and they will carry this out in order to improve the cosmetic of this, but also to help with trauma. They work with dental labs in order to make sure that quality is there.

Another one that many don’t focus on is the endodontist. Essentially, this focuses on the inner part of the tooth, which is the tooth pulp found in the inner layer of dentin. This can become inflamed or rotten through various actions, and often it might need to be treated or removed. This is where root canals come in, and these dentists perform it.

There are many different types of dentists out there, and you can find a roseburg oregon dentist that best fits you. do have a general practitioner look at your teeth to advise any problems, and often, there are those trained in many of these, so they can help you. remember, all of these people work together in order to give you the winning smile that you truly deserve.

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