10 Animal Celebrities That Are Ready For Halloween

This year, Halloween comes early with all your favorite Internet animals. See a ghoulish Boo and a ghastly Maru this way! And for more animal fun this Halloween, watch “Frankenweenie,” in theaters now! Get tickets!

1. Boo

Quite literally, BOO!

2. Maru

Even in boxes, Maru is electrifying!

3. Lil Bub

Even when monstrous, Lil Bub is too cute.

4. Pudge

Franken-Pudge is keeping an eye on you.

5. Maru Taro, the most popular dog on Instagram

When you’re the most popular dog on Instagram, everyone will like your costume!

6. Shironeko, the most relaxed cat on Earth

Still so chill and so relaxed.

7. Luna the Fashion Kitty

The latest fashion is here!

8. Pickles, The Etsy Hat Model

Werk, Pickles, werk it!

9. Dramatic Chipmunk

Dramatic Chipmunk is very dramatic.

10. The Sneezing Panda (& Mommy)

I think the momma has other things to be afraid about now!

Want to Frankify your own pet?

Click here to do it, and add yours in the comments!

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