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This MEP Got A Standing Ovation For Telling The EU "Not To Let Scotland Down”

Alyn Smith received rapturous applause after emphasising Scotland voted overwhelming against Brexit.

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SNP MEP Alyn Smith received rapturous applause in the European parliament in Brussels on Tuesday for begging the EU not to "let Scotland down" after it voted overwhelmingly to remain in the bloc last week.

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Smith, who became Scotland's youngest MEP when he was first elected in 2004, asked the European parliament not to forget the millions of people who voted for Remain in the country, as well as those in Northern Ireland, London, and other parts of England and Wales.

He said:

I represent Scotland within this house. While I’m proudly Scottish, I’m also proudly European. I want my country to be internationalist, cooperative, ecological, fair: European.

And the people of Scotland, along with the people of Northern Ireland and the people of London, and lots and lots of people in England and Wales also voted to remain within our family of nations.

I demand that status … be respected. Now, colleagues, there is a lot things to negotiated. We will need cool heads and warm hearts.

But colleagues, I beg you. Remember this: Scotland did not let you down, do not let Scotland down now.

As well as a standing ovation, Smith also received support from Belgian MEP Helga Stevens on Twitter:

Of course we will support Scotland! @AlynSmithMEP Your appeal didnt fall on deaf ears!

His speech was followed by Northern Ireland MEP Martina Anderson of Sinn Féin, who said an attempt by Westminster to keep Northern Ireland out of the EU against its will would mean that "Britannia waives the rules".

The Scottish National Party is in the process of exploring paths to keep Scotland in the European Union.

First minister Nicola Sturgeon has said Thursday night's result would probably trigger a second Scottish independence referendum, and even signalled that the Scottish parliament could veto Brexit.

Earlier in the session in Brussels on Tuesday, UKIP leader Nigel Farage mocked the European parliament for "laughing" at him when he wanted the UK to leave the EU 17 years ago, adding "you're not laughing now".

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