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    24 Things That'll Make You Love Stephen King Even More

    To quote my brother: "Stephen King rules, he just rules!"

    1. An apron featuring Pennywise's face so everyone'll be too terrified to mess with the chef.

    2. A set of six pins you'll be proud to wear, featuring iconic SK villains.

    3. A Jack-inspired journal to write out the wild thoughts driving you mad.

    4. A prolific T-Shirt displaying some expert opinions on Stephen King you're sure to agree with.

    5. The full collection of Dark Tower novels that'll give you endless Dollars Trilogy and The Lord of the Rings vibes.

    6. A lil' ~tote with a quote~ so you can carry the SK books you adore.

    7. A memoir of the craft written by the King himself, to get writing tips and tidbits about his life.

    8. An art print with all the kids from the Loser's Club you'll want to join (or maybe not🤡).

    9. A collection of supreme short stories ready for battle against all critics of our lord and savior, Stephen King.

    10. A glow-in-the-dark ghost story T-shirt, because if you love Stephen King you'll probably also love ghosties and campfires.

    11. A print of Carrie waiting to be hung in the living room, AKA Stephen King movie room.

    12. A Maximum Overdrive movie poster that just might eat you and poor Stephen alive.

    13. A shower curtain for anyone who wants to turn their shower sanctuary into a place of terror.

    14. A Pennywise figure or two worthy of inclusion in any SK shrine.

    15. And a Danny Torrance figure (from The Shining) because this poor kid deserves a better home.

    16. A charm bracelet with the only charms you'll need – shots from The Shining.

    17. A monthly Nocturnal Reader's subscription box to keep you up at night (in the best way possible).

    18. A bloody blue velvet bookmark just waiting to slip into your novel.

    19. A (relatively) new novel by ~the King~ that's so good, you'll have to take the day off to read it all in one sitting.

    20. A bright patch to transform normal attire into top-notch attire.

    21. A set of two villainous mugs so you can match your mug to your mood, no matter what side of the bed you wake up on.

    22. A lunch box designed for anyone who loves Pet Sematary as much as I do.

    23. A The Shining-inspired keychain only true fans will recognize.

    24. A Blu-ray version of Children Of The Corn to get an even more intense movie-watching experience than your first time.

    You when someone says they're not a Stephen King fan.

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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