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    21 Spices And Herbs You Should Be Buying Online

    If spices and herbs run for $6+ at your local grocery store, this post is for you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication

    1. A ground cayenne pepper ready to be the "je ne sais quoi" you need in soups, lemonade, fish tacos, and of course deviled eggs.

    2. A Taco Bell seasoning pack that'll give tacos just the right amount of spice, and not too much salt.

    3. A rotisserie chicken spice blend my grocery store certainly doesn't carry at all, let alone for under $3. The time to buy and make your chicken taste like it's been roasting away all day is now.

    4. An organic lemon peel for anyone who is tired of getting out the zester every time a sweet or savory dish calls for a lil' bit of peel.

    5. A smoky grilling seasoning to take your steak recipe from "salt and pepper" to "bland steak, I don't know her."

    6. A Sriracha rub you'll use to make your next BBQ the most spicy and flavorful BBQ yet.

    7. A garlic and herb seasoning so you can add a fresh herb taste to your cooking without hitting up the produce aisle and watching your herbs rot after a few days.

    8. A box of sazón (coriander, garlic, cumin, and annatto packets) worthy of cooking with on a daily basis. Add to beans, arroz con gandules, stews, chicken wings, and more for rich color and flavor!

    9. A container of nutritional yeast that shall give your favorite vegan dishes a dairy-free cheese flavor, plus some B vitamins.

    10. A large container of cinnamon you just might add to everything. A dash of cinnamon makes oatmeal, cookies, sweet potatoes, brownies, coffee, and even chili taste delish.

    11. A salad seasoning to sprinkle on chicken salad, tuna salad, pasta salad, regular salad, potato salad — basically all the salad.

    12. A three-pack of chives for anyone whose favorite herb is chive (me) but still kills fresh chive every time and hence must invest in this delicious dry form.

    13. A three-pack of madras curry powder so you can bulk up on the spice you need to make curry, or bulk up on the spice that'll keep your dinner guest guessing what your secret ingredient is 👀.

    14. A garlic salt that is the only garlic salt you should have in your kitchen. This is my personal fav. brand, and it costs $6 in my local store 🙃.

    15. A container of furikake to take your rice dish to a sweet and salty place.

    16. A vegetarian bacon salt for any vegetarians who are tired of hearing "bUt whAt abOuT bAcOn" every time a meat-eating guest comes over.

    17. A lemon pepper herb blend that is giving me magnificent fresh ~peppy~ vibes just by looking at it, so just imagine what you'll serve up with this.

    18. A classic pepper grinder made to give you back control over how much pepper goes on your food.

    19. And a Himalayan salt grinder so we can all feel like a powerful salt bae as we add a dash of this to omelets, salads, grilled corn, French fries, and literally every other food because salt brings out the flavor like nothing else.

    20. An Italian herb grinder that'll make you take your ~thyme~ savoring your favorite Italian meals.

    21. And an extremely large container of bacon bits to help you bring home the bacon in a whole new way.

    Time to add spice to your cooking like the original salt bae:

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