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    44 Random Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving In 2018

    Fairy lights, sex toys, whitening toothpaste, and tons of other random things hundreds of people have bought from our posts in 2018.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An adhesive brush for cats who need ~pawsitive~ touch stimulation, or a self-deshedding station.

    2. A candle dedicated to the icon of your choice so you can surround yourself with powerful, creative energy, and paint a badass self-portrait.

    3. A shoe/foot deodorizer to de-funk your shoes after they get soaked in a sudden summer downpour and still smell like you waded through a sweaty swamp weeks later.

    4. A waterproof and rechargeable Satisfyer Pro Traveler clit stimulator that'll keeping you ~cumming~ round the mountains while traversing, or take you to orgasms you'd never dream of having in your own bed.

    5. And a waterproof cock ring with seven speed modes and enough power for self and partner satisfaction.

    6. A selfie light perfect for taking glorious selfies, or having by your side when it's time to do your makeup. Either way it'll have you looking cute in front of all your enemies, my personal fav hobby!

    7. An anti-chafing thigh band you can simply slip on and say goodbye to the chafing woes of summer.

    8. A set of two pairs of socks specially designed for Muggles who live by the motto "Give socks, free elves".

    9. A menstrual cup over 5K people use to be more comfortable when their menstrual cycle is bloody awful, period.

    10. A teeth-whitening toothpaste for anyone who's tried other teeth-whitening pastes and is tired of *bracing* themselves for another letdown.

    11. A six-pack of fairy lights so you can decorate plants, vases, costumes, furniture, and whatever else you want to look precious and delicate and de~light~ful.

    12. A best-selling headlight restoration kit I wish I knew existed back when I was driving a 2001 Saturn with headlights made of smog.

    13. A family-friendly cookbook to help you make this scrumptious meringue pie and countless other drool-worthy recipes.

    14. A mosquito killer made of environmentally sound corn cob granules coated in Bti (bacillus thuringiensis israelensis — basically mosquito larvae killer) for anyone to kill all hell-spawned blood suckers. Sprinkle a little of this in ponds, gutters, along the fence, under the deck, etc. — bye, bugs!

    15. A pair of fish slippers that are never gonna never gonna give you up, never gonna let you drown (prob don't actually wear these in the water though). If you can think of a better fish pun, let ~minnow~.

    16. And a body wash infused with nutrient-rich seaweed to help your skin feel pampered and hydrated.

    17. A nail-biting polish thousands of people swear by so you can stop biting your nails for good.

    18. A BS-free self-empowerment guide filled with advice and tips on how to be a model citizen and adult.

    19. A set of five squishy meowsers offering their adorable bellies to squish and pull and squeeze the stress away.

    20. A versatile exercise board you'll actually have fun using as you twist and turn your way into shape while watching TV.

    21. A best-selling book about the wonders of animal flatulence to make you swoon, laugh, and say, "Be still, my beating *fart*".

    22. A sleep mask and ear plug set for anyone who is ready to block out the sun and sleep like it's the apocalypse.

    23. And a best-selling true crime memoir that just may keep you up for nights on end.

    24. A small but powerful travel toiletry bag capable of storing everything on your "do not travel without" beauty/self-care list.

    25. A pair of reading glasses ready to keep your eyes safe from eye strain and blue light, because somebody's gotta do it.

    26. And a tube of Nerdwax that'll put an end to the anarchy of your glasses sliding down your nose singing, "These specs were made for slippin', and that's just what I'll do."

    27. A helpful book for those of us who need to dust off those coping skills and positive-thinking patterns that are somewhere deep in our brains.

    28. A hoodie with a dog (or cat) carrying pouch I need immediately for ultimate snuggle on the go times with my pup and I will not rest until I have it.

    29. A gorge stainless steel water bottle available in 23 ~waterfall~ colors everyone shall be jealous of.

    30. A bright dotted notebook you'll use to bullet-journal and keep track of your wild, wild life.

    31. And a pack of 20 pens in assorted colors to jot down grocery lists, errands, and ap*point*ment reminders in every color of the rainbow.

    32. A key holder and high-tech multi-tool keychain ideal for tucking away your keys into a super-handy little device and ending the *searching in my bag for my messy key ring* struggle for good.

    33. A "Why I Love You" journal sure to turn every S.O. that receives it into the biggest softy.

    34. A dental guard so good at protecting your teeth from enamel cruelty, it's been called the ~flossoraptor~ of mouth guards.

    35. A waterproof wireless wand *massager* with the ~vibes~ you need to go down to O-town in the pool, in the shower, on a waterslide, whatever. Do you.

    36. A compact travel umbrella with a wind vent that's got you covered when you're facing a different type of wet and wild.

    37. A book about the making of 45 hit songs for anyone who loves music, or anyone who is trying to figure out how to write their own bop.

    38. A protective seat back cover so the kids can kick the day away without messing up the car.

    39. A detangling dog brush that's so good, you just may have two dogs when you're done brushin'.

    40. A mystery novel with a cover you can color. (Clearly this book was written by a genius.)

    41. And a 10-piece metallic brush marker set to offer the perfect way to color that cover when you need a break from stewing over the murder mystery.

    42. An exercise peddler you'll slip under your desk and peddle on through your next 3 p.m/ slump, while humming the tune "Coffee? I don't know her."

    43. A set of two super-sharp nail clippers that sound so good, I am honestly side-eying my own nail clippers right now.

    44. And The Financial Diet, a beginner's guide to getting good with money worthy of being the one thing you should def buy from this post!

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